Maiden of the Southern Forest,
Heroines: An Anthology of Short Fiction and Poetry Volume 3

The sword is
the maiden
calm in the face of combat
harmonious in movement
   —to expand the body
is to carve the space
it needs to move through

A Denotation,
Baby Teeth Journal

I didn’t spit it out until years later
when it was almost too late

when it was almost a whole
person inside my person

Self-Reflection as My Witness,
Going Down Swinging

And in the distance
between us, I wonder: who
is cutting her fruit? How
many oranges in her kitchen
are left whole?

Djed Press

Hands, reaching.
Red hearts. 
All the times
I have swallowed teeth.

The blood that drips
when I bite my tongue.

Sagittarius A*,
Underground Writers

In the heart of this collapse
lies a frontier of no return, and
if you place your body on the

of the horizon, time, for once in its life,

is forgiving.

No Man’s Land,
The Rising Phoenix Review

You are already
so much closer to

[complete archive of poems between 2014-2016]