august (heart poem)

it is august and what have you lost?
tell me and i will show you mine
i will point you to the billboard hanging over
the side of the freeway and the billboard will point you
to my heart (heart
beating. heart out of my
chest and in my hand. heart
falling to the floor of my bedroom
and staring at the unknown stain on
the wall.)
it will point you to august
where winter is finally coming into season
the only evidence of time moving us forward
as we wake up and wake up and
wake up and not know what day it is
only remember the taste of
the month in which all this started.

it is august and all my friends
are heartbroken or betrayed
and calling shotgun for a seat
that does not exist. how do i stop
thinking about the pomegranate on
the window sill?
when all this is over
how much time will have passed
and what will we have lost
and will it be more than we can take
and how much suffering can one
human body hold alone and what about
ten or a nation or a civilisation
and how can we move forward
when there are bullet holes everywhere

and when was the last time we touched?